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Inamdar Courses – Medical Online Course


Is an endeavor to alleviate the suffering of patients, by providing the best of healthcare at an optimal cost. A multi-specialty hospital that is centrally located and adorned with state-of-the-art infrastructure and an eminent panel of doctors.

Our nationally accredited institution, offers Regular and Online Learning Courses, leading to Certification, Diploma, Master Diploma, or Post Graduate Diplomas in Medical Sciences.

The foundation is mainly created for the creation of awareness, practical skill learnings & education in the medical field and to create core job opportunities for such trained professionals, hence service to humanity and nation.

The institute aims to educate, upskill, and train Medical and Health Professionals according to their qualification in the Medical field. With this in mind, we started the Certificate, Diploma, Master Diploma programs, which are highly valuable in today’s job market.

Why choose us?

Our Medical education is the bedrock on which high-quality healthcare is built. Training is important but education is vital. Of course, the young doctor needs extensive knowledge and practical skills and that is where training is important. But education during these formative years will establish the principles that will guide doctors through their ever-changing careers. Medical students must be educated in an atmosphere where excellence is expected. It is this education in which we pursue the highest standards of health education. We take a unique approach to medical education, with clinical and practical training.

What is a Master’s Diploma?

A Master Diploma is an education program that provides advanced knowledge and practical skills learning, which mainly focuses on training students in a particular medical field. Master Diploma programs usually last for one- to two years. Community colleges, technical schools offer Master Diploma Programs for a diverse range of students. Working professionals returning to post-secondary education may want to pursue a Master’s Diploma to enhance their career prospects. Recent secondary school graduates may choose a Master Diploma as their ticket to an entry-level position in their field, or as a smooth transition into continued higher education study.

What are the Master Diploma Programs?

Master Diploma studies are a multi- and interdisciplinary field preparing health professionals for both clinical and non-clinical health-related medical careers.  Master Diploma programs have a shorter duration than full degree programs and provide students with specialized skills and knowledge in a chosen healthcare specialization.  Master Diplomas are designed for health students and professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines, and they can serve a multitude of purposes. Some students choose to enroll in a Master Diploma program as their first step into the field of healthcare while others use Master Diplomas to bridge the gap between different levels of their academic study. Master Diploma programs are also popular among health professionals, as they provide further training and are an excellent way to stay updated with the most recent developments in the health sector.

Master Diploma benefits

Students will acquire specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in a health-related field, which are highly valuable in today’s job market.And will improve the prospects of getting a job and can give valuable insight.Employment options are diverse and extend far beyond serving as doctors or nurses.Upon successful completion, students of Master Diploma programs will have gained a strong basic background in this rapidly changing field.

Furthermore, Master Diploma programs are time-effective, as well as cost-effective, since they are usually less expensive than full degree programs. They are often designed with working professionals in mind, and can therefore be offered online, through distance learning, as evening classes, or on the weekends.

What kind of career expectations with these Courses?

Graduates from Master Diploma programs can expect to see their career prospects improve almost immediately. This is because employers recognize that graduates with a Master Diploma are more professionally familiar with the key skills, knowledge, and ideas that are critical to that industry. Even students with many years of experience in their field can benefit from a Master Diploma, as it proves that the holder is familiar with the most up-to-date methods and techniques in their field.

Master Diplomas can also further enhance the career progression of already working health professionals. Master Diplomas are highly valued by employers, as they demonstrate that the candidate is familiar with the most recent developments in the health sector and has specialized knowledge and skills critical for the healthcare industry.

What do we study in a Master’s Diploma?

Master Diploma studies cover a broad range of issues and help you develop the skills to follow a career in health.
Within the discipline, there are highly specific Master Diploma programs, designed to prepare the student for a job in that field. Employers seek out Master Diploma-holders for their demonstrated knowledge and understanding of their field.